Step out of the dark and into the light with NTC’s

The solution for the preparation and recording of lien release and assignment of mortgage documents is here.
NTC has put nearly thirty years of experience, knowledge, and technology into the PerfectDocs solution. NTC has always been a premier service provider in this space and now we are offering the same elements and best practices to our business partners giving them the ability to prepare and record their own documents with this robust web-based platform.  
PerfectDocs enables users to prepare, validate, execute, notarize, and record their own lien releases and assignment of mortgage documents. With PerfectDocs, we give users 100% flexibility and control, which ultimately saves our clients time and money.

Twelve Points of Excellence:

  • Highest eRecording Percentage
  • Access to Attorney Network
  • Quality Controlled Data Entry
  • Access to Curative Services
  • County and MERS Templates
  • Infinite County Updates
  • Sig and Signoff Control
  • POA Library Establishment
  • Queue-based Processing
  • Statute Compliance Monitoring¬†
  • County Fee Accuracy TO 99%+
  • County Rejects Below 1%
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