NTC Launches New Marketing Campaign

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Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has launched a new marketing campaign made possible by a recent survey of clients that highlighted NTC’s best qualities as a vendor. “Compliant, Reliable, Quality, Efficient,” were among the positive characteristics clients used to describe NTC’s capabilities, speaking to the strength of the relationship NTC enjoys with its clients.
“We measure quality constantly; not only must everything we offer meet the highest compliance standards, but it must also satisfy our customers,” said NTC Chief Executive Officer John Hillman. “We’re always in contact with our customers to find out how we’re doing and how we can do better. We take client feedback very seriously and strive to evolve from that experience.”
Customer feedback from June indicated that customers were most pleased with these aspects of NTC’s service:
  • Ease of placing, changing, and monitoring new orders
    Confidence that documents will be signed, when necessary, in strict accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • Confidence that all documents prepared by NTC will meet all compliance requirements
  • Confidence that document research conducted by NTC will reveal everything that can impact the chain of title
In addition, some clients gave NTC permission to make certain feedback public, which has formed the basis for the company’s upcoming marketing campaign.
 “Testimonials from clients carry more weight than anything we say about ourselves,” said Gina Morales, NTC’s Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “Having the opportunity to share real experiences from our clients is rare. I’m very thankful that we work with such wonderful companies and executives.”