In today’s highly regulated environment, ensuring that your collateral file is complete and perfected is the first step in protecting your investment and reducing overall cost of servicing as well as associated risk factors during the life of the loan. With a dedicated team of subject matter experts, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.’s (NTC) services incorporates industry best practices that partners with our clients as well as the leading document custodians making document collection and required chasing an efficient and effective process.
Not only will partnering with NTC save you money and time, but also mitigate life of loan issues and downstream related expenses. As a leading post-closing services provider, we partner with you to strategically build a complete trailing document process that’s right for you. So you can rest easy knowing that the process is under control, your risk is mitigated, and your costs are lowered.


  • Complete Document Intake
  • Client Specific Imaging and Indexing
  • Document Specific Audits
  • Effective Follow-up and Document Chasing
  • Delivery Reconciliation by Investor
  • Secure / Long Term Storage Available
  • Static SLA Regardless of Volume Influx
Experience the benefits of NTC’s ‘one touch’ processing for all of your Life of Loan collateral needs!

Disclaimer: Your Tax Status Report may be delayed beyond 48 hours, due to the Tax Offices in the following areas: MI, PA, IL (Cook), MA, VT.